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Why self host?

Hosted instance

We run a main instance of Karrot at as many groups do not have the technical capacity to run their own instance.

It also has the benefit that groups that use Karrot can see each other on the map, and an account on can be used to join multiple groups in an area that might not be officially connected to each other.

We also like to think there is a sense of belonging and connection to the project by sharing an instance, it's also a kind of resource saving.


There are also many reasons to want to self-host Karrot and it's a scenario we are keen to support. We are hoping one day that the instances will be able to federate with each other and get the best of both worlds.

You might want to self-host if:

  • you want to decide where and how the data is managed
  • you want your own identity for the site as a whole (e.g. own domain name and logo), not just per-group
  • you want to customize aspects of the functionality beyond what is possible with group settings
  • you have the technical and financial capacity to do so
  • you want to collect a number of groups under a theme that doesn't seem to quite fit with