Groups are at the heart of Karrot. Each group is independent from the rest and will usually represent an in-person community of people. They normally have their own organisational name and structure.

They are not part of the karrot organisation, they just use karrot. Ideally one of more of the community members participate in our community forum, or via

  • an overview of all the groups on the instance
  • filterable by
    • search (by group name)
    • can hide inactive groups
    • seperates groups you are part of from those you are not (if logged in)
  • world map showing all groups

Group Preview

  • shows details for a single group
  • displays the public description of the group
  • options to join group if not already a member

Create a Group

You can create a group with the follow fields:

public description
internal description
welcome message
address text
address lat/lon
questions for applicants

Edit Group

  • same fields as for create group
  • but additionally a group image can be added, which will be displayed in the top left and on the group preview overview

Group Wall

  • see chat/wall section below
  • shows activities you have signed up to at the top
  • shows activities with available slots from your favourite places, default collapsed

Group History

  • an audit of activities by users in this group

Full Page Map

  • can select:
    • places on/off
    • users on/off
    • groups on/off
  • export all selected things to GPX file

Member List

  • sorted by join date or alphabetically
  • by default, inactive users are not shown, but you can expand a section at the bottom to show them


Weekly Summary

  • sent out at 8am local time every Sunday
  • provides an overview of all the activites in the group in that week
  • idea borrowed from the slack emails of a similar nature