Group Applications

Karrot groups are closed (with the exception of the "Playground" group which is open to everyone), so you need to apply to join. Group Applications manage this process.

  • for all "closed" groups (everything but the Playground and some older inactive groups) users have to apply to join
  • the user applying is shown the "questions for applicants" (group setting)
  • members of the group can see the list of applications
  • a chat is created with the applicant and the rest of the group (or just "editors"?)
  • members of the group (or just editors?) can accept or decline the application (on the overview page)
  • past applications are hidden on the list by default, but can be expanded


type notification to who condition
email new application created group members member has "new application" notification type enabled
email application accepted user who applied  
email application declined user who applied  

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